Hot Water Dangers by Sylvan Tieger

Many senior citizens, children and infants are scalded each year from tap water. These burns can be very serious. Taking a few simple precautions, may save yourself and your children from a lot of pain. Your hot water heater should never be set any higher than 120 °F. If you are in doubt or think it is set higher than 120 °F, please call a plumbing professional to turn it down for you. Do not attempt to do this on your own.

If you rent a home or apartment, call your landlord and insist he call a professional to check it for you. Water does not have to be at boiling point to harm someone.

Infants, in particular may be scalded simply because their skin is thinner and more tender. Be safe, not sorry. There are many hazards in the home and this is just the potential for one of them. As professional plumbers, we will be able to check your home for other safety issues while there.

The code is to protect the safety and welfare of the nation. Allow a licensed plumber to check out the many safety hazards that may be lurking in your home, including electrical, plumbing, gas and heating. You may also want to look into the newer dish washers that have a heating element installed internally. Water of 120 °F will not disinfect dishes. Most codes require a wash temperature of 140-160°F and a final rinse of 180 °F OR chemical disinfectant to be added. ( this is why commercial hot water tanks are set so high).

Today, of all accidents, scalding is one of the easiest to prevent. We have pressure & temperature balancing valves. We have mixing valves that can custom temper your water for your needs. One of my favorite hook ups on commercial water heaters is using a Holby Thermostatically operated water blending device so I can fine tune the domestic water temperature.

For example, if there is a commercial dishwasher, I send straight hot (180 °F) water to this unit BUT add this bronze valve into the system to control the temperature going throughout the rest of the building. If the need arises I can lower the temperature for very young children or very old folks to the recommended 105 °F.

Have a safe tomorrow and feel safe in your own home.


Sylvan LMP (Licensed Master Plumber)
"Plumbers Protect The Health Of The World."

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